The Pink Princess Petmobil

The Princess Petmobil is available in two sizes regular and large and it looks excellent taking its fantastic pink looks mark it out as a fun and essential accessory for your beloved pet.

The Petmobil has been refined over decades to ensure it is as strong and robust as possible.  It’s perfect for transporting your pet around with ease.  Available in four colours it gives you stability when transporting your pet and your pet gets to move around in comfort and safety.

The Petmobil is perfect for rodents, large birds, rabbits, cats or small and medium dogs.  It is made by us and it’s very strong with a years guarantee.

The Princess is a pink Petmobil and some of the top reason to purchase one are:

  • Improved and totally adjustable handle
  • Exclusive Anti-tip design
  • No rear Axle & New Park Brake
  • New smoother running wheels
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Extra thick, soft warm Easy-grip handle
  • 1 Year guarantee
  • A fold flat design – even with the bag fitted.

This product has No Rear Axle & NEW PARK BRAKE Not only can you walk close behind without tripping, but simply flip down the park brake to lock the back wheels.

The Petmobil has hard wearing swivel wheels to give maximum support when getting around tight corners.

page product princess regRegular Size                           

WEIGHT: (less bag) 7.5 lbs
Height = 18.5 in
Depth = 15.5 in
Width = 13.5 in
HANDLE HEIGHT: Max 38in Min 34in

page product princess larLarge Size                           

WEIGHT: (less bag) 8.9kgs
Height = 24 in
Depth = 19 in
Width = 19 in
HANDLE HEIGHT: Max 44″ Min 41″

All Petmobil’s fold flat instantly – even with a bag in

No bending. No catches. Simply pull the front top bar towards the handle and that’s it! Yet when opened out it is incredibly stable and safe to walk with.